Alice Kahei Yu

Alice Kahei Yu was born in Hong Kong and is currently based in Berlin. Yu’s present practice is centered around bridging connections between nomadic and exiled artists, who are either passing through Berlin or found a new home base within it. She approaches her work through interdisciplinary means, which accumulate into both open-ended collaborations and programming to support discrete projects within her Kunst Kollectiv at Prenzlauer Studio. Within her personal artistic practice, Yu investigates painting as a tool to explore the form and complexity of certain mental states. With her background of film and digital art, she also works with documentary filmmaking, and is an avid contributor to Hong Kong advocacy.

In 2017, Yu co-founded Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst Kollectiv with Dio Lau in Berlin. The space experiments with carving out a new form of artist-run studio spaces. Prenzlauer Studio, as a whole, is a major on-going research project in the field of artistic strategy within participatory culture. Here, Yu is fostering an environment of non-hierarchical events to offer a mize between traditional and non-traditional artistic happenings. Yu’s Kunst Kollectiv acts as host and refuge to nomadic and travelling international artists. In this manner, the space functions not only as a research hub, but is physically participatory in bridging connections between culturally disconnected artists.

In the summer of 2019, Yu’s Prenzlauer Studio hosted two American artists whose residency outside of Berlin suddenly fell through while they were travelling by plane from New York to the site. Yu provided them with live-work accomodations where they were able to produce an experimental, collaborative performance-based installation over the course of three weeks, which was directly engaged with the surrounding neighborhood. Presently, Yu aims to shift focus outside of the studio building itself. Now, the studio building acts as a hosting site for the development of programming, while the research is aimed outward, forging connections amongst the international community of artists in the urban landscape of Berlin.

Prenzlauer Studio