Alice Kahei Yu

Alice Kahei YU (b.1995, Hong Kong) lives and works in Berlin. Yu is a painter, founder and director of the project space, Prenzlauer Studio.

With an emphasis in oil painting, Yu's practice explores individuals' mental health illness and struggle as a collective reflection of the environment and society we live in. The artist believes that conventional psychology fails to consider how power differences between social classes and groups can impact an individual's or a group's mental and physical well-being. Through her practices, Yu is hoping the audience to rethink how society, culture, politics and psychology intersect.

Prenzlauer Studio is a social sculpture founded in 2017 by Yu and graphic designer, Dio Lau. It has become her major on-going research project in the field of artistic strategy, within a participatory culture. She approaches her work through interdisciplinary means, which accumulate into both open-ended collaborations and programming to support discrete projects within her project space. The space thrives through an ideal of openness to the community that we are in, believing that artists and audiences alike are crucial to relevant discussions across subjects. In this participatory approach, the space also changes, expanding its programme to new forms and explorations of the arts, politics and community, thus fully embracing our ever-changing habitat. Programmes includes exhibition, workshops, open house, concerts, screenings, communal meal and artist residency.

Prenzlauer Studio