Alice Kahei Yu

Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv
Social sculpture, commumity space research

In 2017, Yu founded Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv in Berlin Germany, hoping to experiment and carve out a new form of artist-running space. Prenzlauer Studio is her major on-going research project in the field of artistic strategy of participatory culture. From its foundation, by letting the studio grow organically, Yu wanted the space to thrive on experimentatio through a nonhierarchical set of events to offer a mix between traditional and nontraditional artistic happenings.

Prenzlauer Studio is an international artist collective based in Prenzlauer Berg. The space thrives through an ideal of openness to the community that we are in, believing that artists and audiences alike are crucial to relevant discussions across subjects. In this participatory approach, the space also changes, expanding its programme to new forms and explorations of the arts, politics and community, thus fully embracing our ever-changing habitat.

Prenzlauer Studio